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12 Week Centered AF Woman

Dive into “The Centered AF Woman” 12-week program and embark on a transformative journey towards personal growth and wellness. This comprehensive course covers everything from self-healing and mindfulness to setting boundaries and manifesting your dreams.

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All wellness journeys are unique. Each path offers specific benefits and solutions. Click the option below that best fits where you are right now. Discover the steps to achieve your goals and feel more centered in your life.

Self-Paced Learner

  • The Journey Within downloadable workbook
  • Work through the material at your own pace
  • Helpful reflective exercises and prompts to guide you on a self-paced journey

Self-Paced Learner

Workbook for Self-Reflection. Complete at your own pace with helpful exercises and prompts.

Just Curious

  • Free Intro Course to The Centered AF Women
  • Get a taste of the program without any commitment
  • Understand the basics of the course offering and see if it's right for you

Just Curious

Free Intro Course to The Centered AF Woman: Get a taste of the program, understand the basics, and see if it's right for you without any commitment.

Ready for Change

  • 12-Week Course: The Centered AF Woman
  • Deep dive into wellness with a structured program
  • Make lasting changes with resources and content dripped to you weekly

Ready for Change

12-Week Program: A Comprehensive Wellness Course with Weekly Resources and Support.

Finding Peace should be Simple

Without the right guidance and resources, your journey to feeling centered and empowered can be challenging.

Cait Donahue creator of the 12 Wekk Centered AF Woman

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  • Self- paced learning to help you explore and understand your inner self.

  • Reflective exercises and prompts that guide your wellness journey.

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Cait Donahue Health and Wellness Coach

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Cait Understand's the Journey to Wellness

Certified Women's Wellness Coach

Expert guidance from a certified coach with a passion for helping women achieve balance and empowerment.

Author of ‘The Centered AF Woman’

Creator of transformative courses and resources designed to help you find your center and thrive.

Cait Donahue Founder of Centered AF

Experience in Women’s Wellness

Proven track record of helping women create lasting positive changes in their lives.

Personal Journey to Wellness

Drawing from personal experience of feeling lost, alone and stuck, committed to sharing healing lessons to help other women overcome their struggles more easily.

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